Mary is a RYT-200, Curvy Yoga, and Yin certified yoga teacher who is passionate about making yoga accessible to all. Mary loves teaching how yoga can work for you and dispelling common yoga myths. Her goal is to create a fun, inclusive, supportive, and non-intimidating environment for others to practice yoga as a way to connect and tune into the wisdom of the body.  Mary also enjoys working with clients one on one, whether it may be a beginner yogi, someone who is looking to enhance their regular practice, or someone recovering from an injury and wants to safely get back into their practice.


Rob graduated from our Wobble Registered Yoga Teacher program in September of 2016 and has been teaching with us ever since.  His teaching style rages from a strong vinyasa flow to gentle and restorative classes, as well as the occasional partner yoga workshop.  Rob is also our Wobble After Dark instructor, compiling innovative yoga pose sequencing with a few outside-the-box musical themes for each workshop.  Rob loves the way yoga clears the mind and offers the body strength and flexibility along the way.  Robs advice to the new student?  "Be patient with yourself."


Joe is a newly certified Registered Yoga Teacher, 200-hr, and began teaching with us in January, 2018.  (He is also a Brewing Assistant at our local brewery when not teaching yoga.) Joe's teaching style involves break-down and flow through fundamental power vinyasa postures, linking breath to movement at a moderate, intuitive pace. Intentionally guided to explore full body and mind.  He practices and teaches yoga to promote inner peace and loving community through the realization of our truest, deepest Self(s).  Joe wants to understand each students’ unique needs and goals, in order to best serve them as individuals, and as a studio community. His best advice for getting started is "Everything you need, you already have. You are welcome and valued here - please come share your light! Breathe and smile!" 


Laura completed her 200-hr RYT in summer of 2017, and has been teaching at Wobble ever since!  Her teaching style is classic Vinyasa Flow, offering options in her classes to a wide variety of body types and experience levels. She loves the physical aspect of yoga and enjoys learning more about how to educate students on the yoga Yamas (traditional yogic advice for being a good and well-rounded person in society) and the Niyamas (traditional yogic personal practices that help us grow as individuals).  Laura says "The asanas of yoga are important, but so are "The Golden Rules" of life!  Yoga is for everyBODY! Anyone can do yoga!"


"I have been teaching yoga for 16 years...practicing for 18 years.i really enjoy teaching all styles of yoga and being able to connect with a variety of people.I appreciate that new styles are being created in yoga,so as not to exclude anyone,if they choose to practice."


Veronique has been teaching for 6 months (and counting!) She teaches Vinyasa Power Yoga based on Baron Baptiste principles. In her class you will create physical foundation of poses. With Ujjayi breath, Drishti (mind focus) you will create heat and flow through your body and expand energy from inside out. Veronique also teaches slow and restorative yoga. With guided breath work, you will fully restore your mind, joints and muscles.  For Veronique, yoga brings balance, clarity and total body integrity into her everyday life, on and off the mat.  In the next year, she wants master inversion poses and introduce the benefits of yoga to children.
Her best advice to the new yogi? "You are perfect the way you are now. Be a YES and move pain free with us.


Karin Lynn Carlson has been teaching for over a decade, much of that work being outside of commercial yoga studios in service.  Karin has been called a teacher’s teacher, a Minnesota Master, and a Yoga Revolutionist. Karin sees yoga as a personal contemplative path that urges us to take care of ourselves and care about the world we live in. Her teaching has been directly handed down through the lineage of Krishnamacharya, through TKV Desikachar. Karin leads a teacher training program as well as numerous opportunities to deepen our practice every year.  She mentors other teachers.  Karin tries to foster a unique relationship with each student because relationship is the heart of yogic transformation.  Through our relationship with a teacher, with the breath, with our bodies and the body of the yogic tradition, we ultimately begin to examine and change the relationship we have with ourselves.


We are human beings, not human doings. Crystal (she/her/hers) believes in the transformative and healing power of resisting all the eternal messages about “doing” and nourishing our inner authentic “being.” Through her yoga classes, she invites you to join her in a radical self-care practice of slowing down, deepening our breath, and being present with our emotional, physical, mental, and energetic bodies. When not practicing and teaching yoga, Crystal can be found exploring other avenues for community healing or grassroots education for social change, attempting photography, or painting in her studio. Her current dream is to build a community center for healing justice and would love to hear your thoughts. Let’s breathe, be, and dream together!

Brittany G.

Brittany is a firm believer that yoga is more than just a workout, it’s a work in. She has been a certified yoga teacher since 2015 and teaches various yoga styles but her favorites include vinyasa flow and power yoga. In Brittanys classes, you can always expect a couple things: giggles, smiles, modifications and good energy. Inhale a smile, exhale a laugh! When Brittany isn’t teaching yoga she’s either in her garden getting her hands dirty,  jamming out at a concert or reading a book with her cats cuddled into her.

Brittany B.

Brittany has been teaching since 2017. Her background is in power yoga through Give Yoga (previously Balanced Yoga) in Columbus, Ohio. She enjoys sharing and practicing adaptations in her practice, as well as being aware of body alignment. If she isn’t practicing yoga, you can find her playing her instruments, kickboxing, or traveling. Hopefully we can connect to each other through breathe, movement, and awareness in our practice. 

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