Business and Career Development and Optimization

Congratulations!  You are "certified" to teach classes or train clients!  What the heck do you do now?  (As you can see from the photo, the whole prospect of career development might make you want to take a nap instead. )  Enter Wobble Coaching and Mentorship(tm).

Customized (not systemized) Career Development

The Wobble Coaching and Mentorship(tm) process is NOT a "system" of client acquisition or class scheduling or career counseling.  It is a customized guidance program to help you uncover your true teaching and training desires--in other words-- the work that really lights you up!  We help you to balance your professional strengths and skill sets (stuff you love and can do extremely well) and challenge areas (things you don't like or are not gifted with and the helping resources you need to get them done).  We guide you toward the schedule you want filled with the work you love.  Who doesn't want that?

Meet Joe.  Yoga teacher and Assistant Brewer at a local brewery.  Beer and yoga.  We think this career sounds pretty cool.  Joe balances his teaching schedule and gets to sample beer as part of his job.  Sign us up!

Wobble Coaching and Mentorship Packages for Every Budget!

 Launcher Package

1 month, $349 

  • Great for newly certified teachers and trainers

  • 4 private development sessions

  • Guided exploration of service, schedule and compensation goals

  • Personal budgeting check-up and up-skilling

  • Laser-focus your desires

  • New actionables at each appointment

  • Teaching/training skills evaluation and optimization

  • Effective consultation skills for strong sales

  • Social media and/or website check up.

Leaper Package

2 months, 2 payments of $349

  • Ideal for teachers/trainers who want to make the "leap" from side-gig full time

  • 8 private development sessions


All the contents of the

Launcher Package, plus

  • Social Media/Website optimization for content

  • SEO check-up

  • Job trade-offs analysis

  • long-term goal and success strategy

  • Networking skills and optimization

Ethical Entrepreneurship

3 months, 3 payments of $349

  • Ideal for teachers/trainers who want to work as a solo- or entrepreneur

  • 12 private development sessions


All the contents of the

Leaper Package, plus

  • Local or online Market fee placement guidance

  • Biz plan guidance

  • Biz budgeting and forecasting skills

  • Financial and Incubator start-up guidance

  • Clear task plan to stay focused on your biz launch timeline

Our classes are now mostly
virtual and outdoors due to COVID.  Click HERE for more info!

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