Inclusivity is our goal in every class we offer.  Our Slow, Gentle, Gentle/Restore, and Chair classes provide a slower and prop-supported yoga flow and are great places for beginners to get their start.  Our Wobble Mix, Wobble Strength,  and Wobble Core classes are designed to provide challenge while still welcoming all body types.  Instructors Mary, Dee and Crystal are experienced in making all practices friendly to students with all kinds of different challenges, from injury recovery to curvy to differently-abled---we will meet your right where you are. 


Wobble Mix™: A Wobbly blend of the best of Vinyasa (flowing) yoga.  All levels welcome.  This class is sequenced with growth in mind, providing you with solid footing as a beginner and a choice of variation and layers if you are a bit more seasoned.   Cheer each other toward transformation  all in one blissful hour!

Progressing Wobble™: We don’t stay beginners forever, and we need somewhere to go with our fledgling skills. Take the intimidation out of progress. Each week the practice will incorporate all the steps you need to reach a comfort level with inversions, standing balances, arm balances, twists, binds, and deep stretches. Keep all the elements you love, and rejoice in your weekly progress!


Candlelight Yoga : Float away on a cloud of calm.  Enjoy a slow and gentle flow of poses followed by restorative and relaxing postures.  A blissful way to end your evening and prepare your body for amazing sleep and regeneration.


Wobble Strength™ : Push your limits and come out of class Wobbling. We use weights, drills, and the mat to sweat, sweat, sweat. Works like boot camp with a dose of Zen....transcend your self-imposed limits and come away transformed! (and bring a towel and'll need 'em.)


Wobble Core™ :  Join us for some amazing core work with a blend of yoga and pilates.  This class emphasizes strength-building in the abdominal,  spinal ,leg, and arm muscle groups.  Combined with breathing technique, we maintain a purposeful and effective approach to overall fitness.

Slow Wobble:  Love the strength work in yoga class but don't love flows that feel too fast?  This is the format for you.  Experience the best of a variety of postures paced down to allow you to experiment with intensity layers and real learning of good form.  Great for all fitness levels.


Gentle Wobble:  A slower paced, more meditative practice that is nurturing and relaxing.  Perfect for beginner yogis or those who may be recovering from injuries. The combination of mindful movement and breathwork will leave your feeling refreshed and your body will thank you.  

Chair Wobble:  In this 45 minute practice, you will learn the basics of yoga postures and breathwork using the support and assistance of a chair.  No previous yoga experience necessary, just come with an open mind and open heart.

*Kids age 12 and up are welcome if accompanied by an adult in Wobble Mix™, Slow Wobble, and Gentle/restore.


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