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"Six months ago I decided it was time to make a change to get healthier or I wouldn’t be around for my 8 year old.  I had started a new job that had some great wellness benefit and knew it was time to add some activity but I was so overwhelmed trying to figure out how to start.  After stalking Embrace the Wobble on Facebook for a while I looked at the website and when I read about the intuitive personal training I thought this is exactly what I need. Being so out of shape I was hesitant to join a gym and intimidated by fitness classes including yoga which I had never tried before but was recommended by my physician.  After my free consultation I was impressed with what Leah had to say and signed up for the 3 session trial and I have continued for 6 months and I am really enjoying these sessions. After a month of training sessions I tried a Wobble Plus yoga class with Rob and he was great at modifying the poses to make it possible at any size or skill level. He and the others in the class made me feel very comfortable even though I had no idea what I was doing. I am grateful for all I have learned and how much better I feel.  I look forward to trying some of the other types of yoga classes Embrace the Wobble has to offer, I love the new additions to the schedule especially the later classes which are great for us busy moms."-Jennifer Brand

"The teachers and the convenience are the main reasons I come back.  What I want from my yoga is to feel confident and stretched!"-Brandee

"I have gone to many different Yoga studios since moving to the Twin Cities. They all would have one or maybe two of the following: Good instructors; Good location; a Challenging class; and classes that work around my job schedule. Embrace the Wobble is the only one that hits all four. Thanks to Leah Murtagh, Blair Okey, Shayna Boyle and DeAnna Norris my practice has gotten better, mostly do to the the different styles they bring to the table. I want to continue the path I'm on with my practice, challenging my body to get better everyday."-Rob

"The awesome space, teacher and convenience in my schedule [are what keep me coming back]. What I want from my yoga is to come out feeling relaxed and 'bendy'."-Sarah O.

"There are many well-qualified trainers, coaches, and teachers -all skilled at shaping the sheath of the body. There are few who honor [the current place in] one's life and start there to move the whole person into a new awareness, resulting in well-being in every sense. Leah is one of those few." -Brenda Dettmann

"The location and schedule variety keep me coming back! After yoga I like to feel solid, relaxed, and at peace."-Sarah
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